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About Lori

Lori is the co-owner/CFO/layout guru of Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing and the co-publisher/managing editor of Dark Moon Digest and Dark Eclipse.  She is the author of Dual Harvest and the editor of Bleed, an anthology where the proceeds will go to the National Children’s Cancer Society. She has had stories appear in several different anthologies, including the 2012 Bram Stoker finalist, Slices of Flesh.

Lori was born in Los Angeles, CA where she was raised to be a ballerina. After injuring herself before her career could begin, she turned her creative efforts elsewhere. Now she resides in San Antonio Texas, where she is the wearer of many hats: a mother of two, dance studio owner, LaTex software formatter, graphic designer, and, on occasion, a vermillion tiara.

When not talking about writing stories, sometimes Lori actually writes short stories, novels, half finished novels and poems. And while pretending to work, she creates websites and designs business cards on the side. She also enjoys peanut butter on her waffles. Don’t ask. Or ask, she will answer.