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Demons-Misunderstood Angels

945826_408660955907239_27529116_nI got a great question from a BEATRYSEL reader the other day.

“I’m loving your book, but tell me this: why would anyone summon a demon?”

BEATRYSEL centers around Julian Cormac, a modern practitioner of magick, a modern descendent of the Golden Dawn and Aleister Crowley. Using techniques learned from ancient grimoires, magickal books of Theurgy, he summons his own a demon, his embodiment of love—BEATRYSEL. But he goes to far. In the course of the book, Julian summons other demons as well. Why would anyone do that?

Well, besides providing me a structure for a top notch occult thriller, summoning demons, in the practice of Theurgy, was never thought to be an evil act, because the demons were not thought to be evil.

Demons and angels, spirits all. To quote Shakespeare, (and who doesn’t love to quote The Bard?) “there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” (Hamlet Act 2, scene 2). This is how supernatural entities are treated by modern occultists. Demons and angels are the same class of being occupying a specific place between heaven and earth. Whether you call them angel or demon depends a lot on your mood and whether or not they feel like cooperating with you.

Think of them as denizens of another country. As a whole you may have prejudiced views of them, like Canadians always being nice, for example. But it is not so simple. Surely, there are bad people in Toronto. Similarly, that bad person may only be bad because he accidentally spilled beer on you at a hockey game, or works for a competitor or maybe took your girlfriend who you weren’t paying enough attention to anyway. Spirits, like people are complex things, and whether they are good or evil is wholly a product of how we view them, our perspective and needs. It is subjective.

BEATRYSEL was made of the same stuff as angels and demons. Julian wanted her to be only good, but like a child, she is more complex. There is good without evil, no light without darkness, and spirits covet flesh. It’s their nature.

Spirits are interesting. They’re useful. They’re potent. They can be nice or they can be terrible. The same spirit can be either and both to different people. Like Canadians. This tenet of occultism is the basis for my book BEATRYSEL.



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