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Rage So I am torn apart by rage, rage for the injustice that has been done in my life and the things that have been said to me in pain and in anger and in sadness but I wonder what will happen if I was to change and become the person that no one wants me to be and I wonder if she’ll be happy and I wonder if she’ll be sane or I wonder if she’ll still feel like ripping it all apart and tearing a hole in the fabric of time and then in the next minute I’ll...

The Gun

The Gun She sat looking at the gun in her hand. The weight of the handle pressed down on her as she contemplated how she had gotten to this point. Did she loath herself that much?  She caught her reflection in the mirror; the pale eyes, the lifeless hair; it wasn’t the woman that she knew. Depression had been hitting her hard and she couldn’t explain the onslaught of sadness that seemed to rush over her constantly. What was the point of life anyway?  Did...

Crime Scene

Crime Scene I wrote this for a contest I was in.  It did well, but I wasn’t the overall winner.  Anyway, it is almost a mini-prequel of my upcoming novel, Dual Harvest.  So enjoy. David Balducci lit a cigarette as the patrol officers drew the chalk outline. It was the second body they had found in the same way; white, male and mutilated. He wondered if it was the work of the same killer. His partner, Joe, came up beside him, “What do you think, Tinkerbell?...