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Addiction A sense that I can not live without you Delving through the senses in my mind Driving me to the brink of insanity I must have your touch or I die Caught in the whirlwind that is your love Torn by my relentless need In a rush my passion beckons me On to find the solace in your arms Near you I must be forever   Written for my other...


Ignited His voice beckons to me I reach out for him Craving for his arms His touch making me burn   The glow that I see When I look in his eyes Torments my lust Heightens my desire   I close my eyes To breathe in his scent The aroma makes me alive My senses aware   I want to hold him, touch him Caress his hot skin The passion to mold him Burns deep from within   I want to use him, abuse him Watch him work his way The temptation to have...

My Perfect Drug

Sometimes I feel like there is never an end and I am turned this way and that way and twisted about and I wonder if I can take any more pressure because the feeling of panic is rising and won’t quit and I look for a way to get out for I wonder how long it will be before I contemplate hanging myself from a tree and my desire is that I will make it through because all I can do is think about you but I can’t stop and marvel on the wonder of it all for I...